This Fall, some of our classes will have an added element for us to be able to connect with our students! Specifically, many of our Small Group Classes where we can create a more tailored experience for our students will have this option. To do this, we will discuss the option within the individual classes and plan accordingly. 


Students enrolled in a class where this option is available will be able to request an instructor Pop-up in their driveway or backyard or possibly an entire class meeting outdoors (dependant on size and safety regulations). Our team will evaluate the requests to ensure the safety of our instructors and students first. If approved, an in-person outdoor Pop-up will be made available at an additional $10 per enrolled student present at the pop-up. Only students enrolled in that class will be able to participate in the pop-up. The number of students who can participate in-person will depend on the location of the pop-up and safety guidelines. 


For home driveway requests, the home will need to have an extension cord so our instructor can plug in music. At home pop-ups will also need to have access to a strong WiFi so that the class can still stream on Zoom for the rest of the class.

Participating in-person is always optional and at an extra cost to normal tuition. Classes will always run via Zoom unless a specific mutual arrangement is made for the entire class.

We think this will be an extremely fun way for our students to engage more with our instructors and add an element of excitement!  

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