Our Teen Fall Musical is having auditions!

This hilarious original murder mystery is filled with eclectic characters, fun original music, and a classic "who donit" script with fun twists and turns!

To set up an audition, simply click the button below to request an audition time. Auditions will be held via Zoom. If you have a preference, you can request either Saturday, August 22 4pm, Sunday August 23, at 2pm or 3pm, or Saturday, August 29th at 4pm. If you do not have a preference, we will simply email you back your audition time. You will then sing your song privately in a break-out room via Zoom and be interviewed by the creative team! The audition will last no more than 10min.

If we need to have callbacks, they will be held via Zoom on Sunday, August 30th at 4pm.

Auditioners will sing a 1 min cut of a comedic up-tempo classic musical theatre song. Tracks only. No acapella singing, please. Have fun! We need to see CHARACTER. Scroll down for character breakdowns.


Hybrid Rehearsals | 6 Weeks, twice per week including Sat 9-11am| $185 per performer

Rehearsals will be scheduled with in-person and remote options available. This means, if you'd like to rehearse in person, we will facilitate small group, physically distanced rehearsals along with live-streamed rehearsals via Zoom. Students who wish to participate and remain remote can absolutely do so! Our flexible rehearsal options will allow us to maintain consistent rehearsal activity regardless of the state of COVID-19.

Roles are open to performers of all genders ages 12-19.

Shows will be performed LIVE via Zoom and Live Streamed for our audience to enjoy. Group Musical Numbers will be performed in advance while our actors perform their scenes remotely. We are planning our performances to be held just before Halloween (Saturday, October 24th @5pm and 7pm | Friday, October 30th @5pm & 7pm). Performers must be available for each performance.

Each performer will receive a packet that will include items necessary for them to be able to successfully perform their roles. For those performers with questionable wifi strength, we have some limited on-site performance locations that we can assign them to. 

The cast will have an opportunity to record an Original Cast Album of the show that the writers will use!

Tickets will be available to the community. 

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!


Richard Harvey: 

The fast talking, hard hitting, intuitive detective who is the narrator of our story. Once one of the top detectives in America, but has only recently fallen on some hard times for unknown reasons. He attends the party as a friend of Charles’, but quickly assumes his position as inspector once the party turns sinister. 


Penelope Pruett: 

The personal secretary and confidant of Charles. Mild mannered and meek, Penelope works hard to make sure everything in the Covington estate runs smoothly. 


Chives Wilkinson: 

Charle’s no nonsense Butler. His mother worked as Charles’ maid and when she got sick, Chives had to give up his banking apprenticeship to help his mother. Her final wish was that he work for Charles.


Brigitte LaSalope: 

The French head housekeeper and maid of the Covington estate. Brigitte takes her job very seriously and though she is warm and inviting, she does have a temper when she doesn’t get what she wants. 


Hans Grutenschnitzle: 

The hot tempered Chef of the Covington estate. He was a world class chef, but after committing an unfortunate “accident” due to a certain archduke insulting his food, he was forced to flee. Charles willingly took him in, shielding him from the authorities.


Veronica Davenport: 

A widow. Her late husband and Charles were business partners in the mid twenties. Before he died, Charles would always invite the couple over for tea and considered them one of their closest friends.  After his death, Veronica took over the business and is still a dear friend of Charles Covington.


Michael Covington: 

Brother of Charles. Michael, the more unfortunate sibling, squandered his hard of the family fortune on his useless inventions. Timid and spineless, he may have an anterior motive to visiting his brother tonight. 


Elizabeth Covington:

 A loud mouthed, gold digger who doesn’t take no for an answer. She met Michael when he still had money. With their fortune, went their marriage and any affection Elizabeth may have had for Michael. 



Pablo Presto: 

A world famous magician until one of his acts with a saw, a box and a showgirl went terribly wrong. Well, since then he hasn’t had the best of luck with gigs. He’s lost his spunk and has become the world’s worst magician. He intends to get more out of the party then just a free meal. 


Scarlett Hart: 

Former Broadway leading lady and starlett! Charles helped launch her career by investing in her first play. It was a great success that shot her to the top, but the years haven’t been kind to Scarlett. Now a days she’d lucky to get a walk on role in an off-broadway show, but Charles may still be the key to her climb back to the top. 


Count Vladmir Brovak VVI: 

The Covington’s and the Brovak’s were close friends until our of nowhere, the Brovak’s cut themselves off from civilization for a mysterious reason. Recently Count Brovak XV died, leaving Vladmir with the Brovak fortune and title, giving him the opportunity to reconnect with his old friend Charles. Since his father’s death, Brovak has emerged from his castle in Romania and is rediscovering the world. 


General Phillip A. Johnson:  

A veteran of the Great War where an unfortunate accident in the trenches left him scarred, which earned him a purple heart. He rose through the ranks very quickly, becoming a General by the age  of 35. He was honorably discharged but now spends the rest of his days trying to forget the misfortune of that faithful day. Charles was in his platoon.


Charles Covington III: 

A wealthy British philanthropist aristocrat. The talk of the town and makes an entrance wherever goes. He inherited his money and instead of squandering it, like his brother, he invested it heavily, which is why he is such a success today. Charles is the reason for our little soiree, though no one knows the reason behind it.


AGES 8+ | $375 PER MONTH | SAT 1:00pm- 3:00pm

Join our award-winning Competition Team!

Musical Theatre Competition class is admitted by audition only. This class is designed to prepare selected individuals who wish to join the studio at 2021 MTCA (Musical Theatre Competition of America) in Fullerton the weekend of March 26th. The weekend consists of Group Performance Workshop/Adjudication, Solo/duet workshop/adjudication, a full day of specialized classes and training, and a final day at Disneyland including an awards ceremony. Tuition and registration fee is inclusive for the training leading up to the competition and the actual weekend, lodging, and admission to Disneyland.

See below

NEW: We are creating TWO teams this year! Advanced Competition and Intermediate Competition


AUGUST 8TH, 15TH, 22ND, and 29TH


Auditioners have the option to audition LIVE outdoors or LIVE via Zoom. There is a $25 audition fee due before you can gain access to the audition material. Auditioners will pick a monologue to perform, learn the choreography provided to perform, and bring a 1min audition song that shows off their style and range.