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Each rooms is a 2 hour Minimum, unless otherwise specified. Food & Drink is allowed in all rooms, except Dance Room and Rehearsal Room.


Large Sprung Floor
Digital Keyboard/Sound System

Use of Foldable Chairs
Full Size Mirror Wall

Black Box / Main Studio - $60 Per Hour

Use of Foldable Chairs
Acting Boxes

Private Bathroom 
Smart T.V

Large Stage
Digital Keyboard/Sound System
Pull down backdrops
Lights/Sound Equipment

Makers Space - $35 Per Hour
Cricut (Must have own Vinyl)
Multiple Configurations (Table/Chairs)
Tools / Equipment

Dance Room - $35 Per Hour
Sprung Floor
Full Size Mirror Wall
Sound System


Private Lesson Rooms - $25 Per Hour (1 Hour Minimum)


Film/T.V Private Room
Pull Down Backdrop
Lighting Equipment

Microphone Set up
Camera Equipment (Tripod, Versatile Backdrops, Etc.)

Both private Lesson Rooms
Piano/Sound System

Includes access to Lobby/Coffee Bar


Recording Booth/ Student Lounge - $50 Hour (1 Hour Minimum)
If you need an Audio Engineer, we have Private Lessons available, which include an engineer and editing of your material for Voice Over Audition or Vocal Track. $100 an Hour with Audio Engineer, and Lounge. 

Recording Booth
Access to all Equipment (Microphone, Sound Board, Filters, Etc.)
Plug and Play Recording equipment
Access to Private Booth and Control Room

Seating Available
Student Desk/Chalkboard
Small Fridge 

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