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Join our award-winning Competition Team!

Musical Theatre Competition class is admitted by audition only. This class is designed to prepare selected individuals who wish to join the studio at 2021 MTCA (Musical Theatre Competition of America) in Fullerton the weekend of March 26th. The weekend consists of Group Performance Workshop/Adjudication, Solo/duet workshop/adjudication, a full day of specialized classes and training, and a final day at Disneyland including an awards ceremony. Tuition and registration fee is inclusive for the training leading up to the competition and the actual weekend, lodging, and admission to Disneyland.

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NEW: We are creating TWO teams this year! Advanced Competition and Open Competition





• Weekly Competition Team Class

• 1 monthly 60min one-on-one performance coaching

• Unlimited Access to our New Monthly Song Selection Workshops

Entry fees for MTCA ($675) to be paid either in full or in 3 installments




• Everything in our FLEX PRICING PLUS:

• Unlimited Access to our Virtual Weekly Classes

• Discounted weekly private lessons (optional)

FREE Participation in the MTCA experience including:

• Includes 2 nights / 3 days lodging including Breakfast

• Includes 2 nights / 3 days lodging including Breakfast

• Participation in Broadway Style Vocal and Dance Cattle Call Audition.

• Multiple Master Classes held throughout the day on Saturday.

• One Group Entry: Ensemble or Musical Revue for adjudication and onstage clinic.

• Box lunch on Saturday.

• Awards ceremony attendance with trophies awarded in multiple categories and divisions.

• Disneyland Experience including a 1-day ticket (Sunday) for each registered participant.

• 50% Off the 2021 Virtual Broadway Festival


including professional educational feedback and scoring:

o Solo (Individual) $ 100.00

o Duets (Duo) $ 100.00 ($50 each)

o Monologue (individual) $ 100.00

o Dance (individual) $ 100.00

o Design (individual) $ 100.00


from $475.00 per person (double occupancy):

Includes 2 nights / 3 days lodging with breakfast, access to MTCA including professional development workshop, box lunch, attendance at all MTCA weekend events, awards ceremony and Disneyland experience including 1-day ticket.


$15.00 each (must be pre-ordered 1 week prior to event.)


We will be performing a MUSICAL REVIEW for both Advanced and Intermediate Teams at Competition this year. In addition, each student will be asked to enter into at least one additional category (ie: a solo, duet, design, or monologue category) at the Middle School Intermediate/Advanced level or High School Intermediate/Advanced level. These levels will be determined by the director.

ATTENDANCE: Competition Team members are expected to attend all scheduled weekly classes and Festival/Competition activities the weekend of March 27th. We will allow up to 7 excused absences with reasonable notice. There will be no conflicts allowed the 3 weekends leading up to the Festival/Competition weekend!

Competition Team members at all levels are required to have regular good attendance in Virtual Classes. Class suggestions will be given to each team member. Remember, your Competition Tuition includes weekly classes! Let's take full advantage of the training!

We understand that those who participate in our Musical Theatre Competition Team are extremely talented and, therefore, have a great chance at being cast in an outside Musical that may conflict with Competition Team. Treat acceptance into the Team as if you are cast in a Musical Production! 

**TIP: We only meet once a week and you are allowed 5 absences. If you wish to participate in an outside show, you may do so as long as you include Team rehearsals as your conflict for an outside production and/or use your excused absences for your outside tech-week and show weekends. No conflicts are allowed the 3 weekends leading up to Festival/Competition weekend.**


Division: High School / Middle School / Open

Musical Revue Large Group: 12 + performers

Musical Revue Small Group: under 12 performers

Category: Advanced / Intermediate

Musical Revue is the opportunity for groups to highlight a composer, lyricist or composer/lyricist team. The 12-minute performance is composed of songs from different musicals by the same composer, lyricist or composer/lyricist team. For example, you might take a song from each of the following musicals composed by Rodgers & Hammerstein – The King and I, Oklahoma, South Pacific, Sound of Music. Limited dialogue may be used for transitions.

Immediately following your group presentation, students will receive feedback in a directed clinic. Adjudicators talk directly to performers, highlighting strengths of the presentation and also offering constructive feedback to encourage further growth.

Please consider the following:

1. Choose age-appropriate material that has been performed for a live audience

2. Highlight your student’s strengths.

3. Include movement / dancing.

4. Mix up solos, ensemble and dance.

5. Students should have an understanding of the composer and the history of their work.

6. Stand out performers may be recognized during awards.

Adjudication Rules and Guidelines:

• Each School can enter a maximum of (2) group entries within the ensemble and musical revue categories with no more than (1) in each category. Additional entries will be considered based upon availability. Please contact MTCA to request additional entry.

• No duplicate casts will be allowed in the same category.

• Six (6) acting boxes will be provided upon request. Must notify MTCA of this request by December 1, 2019

• Any additional set pieces must be able to be carried on by 2 cast members.

• Costumes are allowed but will not factor into scoring.

• Groups must provide their own accompaniment CD and/or device from which to play their music (phone, iPod, computer, etc.). Groups must also provide their own music operator and a 1/8” output (to be provided by the performing group). If using a media player, it must be compatible to a 1/8” connector. Additionally, groups must bring their music on a flash drive in the event they are chosen to perform at Best of Festival.

• 6 - 8 Microphones will be available and placed on stands at front of stage. You may not bring additional with you. Final Microphone availability will be confirmed 9/15/19 • A penalty of 5-points per judge may be assessed for each minute over the 12-minute allotted time.

• Use judgment when using language and dress in the context of the production that would be offensive to the audience or adjudicators.

What are adjudicators looking for?

Our adjudicators are focused on engaging storytelling. Performers should understand the story and their characters place in it. Performers should be connected to the words, know why their characters are singing and move with purpose. A rubric will be provided in October. This rubric will be completed by each adjudicator and returned to the director.


Adjudication Rules and Guidelines:

Each solo will perform no more than 6 minutes of the 15-minute time slot. The remaining time will be used for a clinic conducted by one of the adjudicators. A penalty of 5-points per judge may be assessed for each minute exceeding the 6-minute performance.

Acceptable Material

• Songs from a published musical that have been used in a musical (regardless of its previous publication as a classical or popular song – e.g. Mamma Mia, etc.)

• Musicals in pre-production are allowed.

The following are unacceptable:

o A cappella songs UNLESS originally written to be performed a cappella in the script.

o Songs from films.

o Songs from television.

o Popular songs not used in a published work for the theatre.

o Classical songs not used in a published work for the theatre.

o Tracks with any background vocals.

Please contact MTCA Directors with any questions.

Adjudication Rules and Guidelines:

• The only allowed accompaniment is a personal media device and personal speaker (to be provided by the performer), a team member must be present to operate device. For any other accompaniment, please contact the MTCA Directors.

• Performer will have time to test speaker and levels prior to beginning performance.

• Hand props only will be allowed.

• Costumes are allowed, but not factored into scoring.

• (1) chair will be available.

What are adjudicators looking for?

Our adjudicators are focused on engaging storytelling. Performers should understand the story and their characters place in it. Performers should be connected to the words, know why their characters are singing and move with purpose. A rubric will be provided in October. This rubric will be completed by each adjudicator and returned to the director.


Awards: Presented in 1st through 3rd place in each group category.

Awards: Presented in 1st through 4th for individual categories.

Sweepstakes Awards: Presented to High School, Junior High/Middle School, and Open divisions.

To be considered for sweepstakes award: Schools or studios must have:

(1) entry in either the Ensemble or Musical Revue category

(1) entry in the vocal category (solo, duet or monologue)

(1) entry in technical category (set design, hair and make-up, or costume design).

Judges Award: Judges, at their discretion, may select outstanding students in Ensemble and Musical Revue categories.

Triple Threat Award: Judges may choose one student from each of the high school divisions (Ensemble and Musical Revue) and one from the junior high divisions (Ensemble and Musical Revue) to receive the Triple Threat Award.

Eligibility: Students are eligible for individual awards providing they are a participant in either the Ensemble, Musical Revue, or Open categories (both competing and non-competing). Non-competitive entries: can be elected in all categories. Schools choosing this option will participate in all the activities but will not be scored for the competition. Judges will write comments and work with each group in an on-stage clinic.