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We are a team of Musical Theatre and acting enthusiasts who love to perform, teach, and inspire others to uninhibitedly love to perform! Our ultimate goal is to generate a love for the performing arts and help develop fearless performers who will, in turn, create amazing performances that we can watch and support for years to come!


Meet the talent behind BORN TO PERFORM STUDIO!


Owner/Executive Director

Vocal Coach | Performance Coach

Brent Ramirez is not just a coach; he is a catalyst for transformation in the performing arts. With over a decade of experience in nurturing talent, Brent has cultivated a teaching style that is as effective as it is enjoyable. His ability to recognize and enhance the best qualities in each individual has led his students not only to embrace singing as a cherished hobby but also to shine brightly on prestigious platforms, ranging from local musicals to eminent Universities like NYU, and even on renowned screens of Nickelodeon, Netflix, and Disney.

Brent's journey into the arts began in high school when a Theatre Summer Camp unveiled his natural leadership and an innate ability to bring out the best in everyone around him. From the role of John Proctor in "The Crucible" to studying Theatre Arts at Moorpark College and California Lutheran University, where he graduated with honors, Brent's formative years were steeped in the discipline and creativity of the stage. His performances, notably as Claudio in "Much Ado About Nothing," Paris in "Romeo and Juliet," and the critically acclaimed lead role of Chad in "All Shook Up," have garnered numerous accolades, echoing his dedication to the craft.

In his professional stride, Brent holds esteemed positions as Theatre Faculty at Moorpark College and Professor of Musical Theatre at California Lutheran University. His directorial and production prowess is not confined to Born to Perform Studio alone; it resonates through Universities, Colleges, and local elementary schools, where his productions have become synonymous with quality and inspiration.

What truly sets Brent apart is his unique, fun, and approachable teaching methodology. He believes that the performing arts are not just about precision but also about freedom and confidence. Known for transforming the shyest of kids into confident individuals, both on and off the stage, Brent's approach is a testament to his belief in the transformative power of the arts.

At the helm of Born to Perform Studio, Brent's leadership is defined by his ability to bring together an exceptional team of teaching artists, each contributing their unique expertise and creativity to the studio's mission.

Brent's expertise is not just rooted in experience but also in his continuous pursuit of learning. Having studied with top industry coaches like Julia Gregory, Joshua Finkle, and Roger Love, Brent brings a wealth of knowledge and a rich blend of techniques to his students. His commitment to creating a fun, energetic, and impactful learning environment makes Born to Perform Studio not just a place to learn but a space to thrive. 


Co-Owner | Director | Acting Instructor | Performance Coach

Ryan Lefton is not only the Co-Owner and Director of Born to Perform Studio but also a dynamic force in the realm of performing arts, with a distinguished career marked by creativity, collaboration, and a profound dedication to the arts. Ryan's partnership with Brent Ramirez, a friendship and professional collaboration that blossomed during their time together at Moorpark College, has solidified into a powerhouse duo at the helm of Born to Perform Studio.

Ryan's journey in the arts is nothing short of inspirational. A graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with Honors in Acting, his academic prowess is matched by his versatile experience in the industry. Having trained under esteemed institutions like Playwrights Horizons Theatre School and Stonestreet Studios, Ryan has gleaned wisdom from industry luminaries such as Michael Potts, Michal Zecher, and Ted Sluberski. This rich educational background underpins his innovative approach to teaching and directing.

With over 20 productions to his credit, Ryan's directorial and production work is a testament to his visionary approach and his ability to foster environments where creativity flourishes. His collaborative and respectful teaching style encourages students to delve into their creativity, empowering them to contribute their unique perspectives to the collective artistic process.

Ryan's multifaceted career extends beyond the stage and classroom to notable screen appearances. His work in T.V and film includes roles in Netflix's "Will to Love," Amazon's "Graduation Day," and voiceover contributions to the award-winning series "Society of Virtue," among others. His stage presence is equally compelling, with performances that have earned accolades such as StageSceneLA's Scenie for Star-Making Performance and a VC On Stage Award.

At Born to Perform Studio, Ryan's leadership is characterized by his commitment to nurturing the next generation of artists. His approach is deeply rooted in collaboration and respect, fostering an environment where students are encouraged to explore, create, and develop their artistic voices. As a faculty member at Moorpark College, Ryan continues to influence and inspire, shaping the future of the arts through his dedicated mentorship and innovative teaching methodologies.


Studio Manager

Lexi Chase is the heartbeat of Born to Perform Studio, embodying the role of Studio Manager with unparalleled dedication, warmth, and expertise. Her journey with the studio is a testament to her unwavering passion for the performing arts and her deep-rooted connection with its community. Having transitioned from a student under Brent Ramirez's mentorship to a cornerstone of the studio's operational success, Lexi's decade-long association reflects not just her commitment but also her evolution alongside the studio.

From the tender age of three, Lexi's life has been a dance with the arts. Her journey began with dance, blossomed through theatre in her elementary years, and continued to flourish with rigorous acting training at a conservatory in Santa Monica. Lexi's versatility shines through her impressive repertoire of performances on stage, in TV shows, films, and a competition show choir, showcasing her multifaceted talent and dedication to her craft.

Lexi's transition to the administrative and managerial realms of performing arts was marked by her natural leadership, organizational skills, and an innate understanding of the studio's heartbeat. Working alongside Brent Ramirez, she has been instrumental in orchestrating the seamless execution of administrative tasks, performance classes, and a plethora of studio productions and camps. Her roles have been as dynamic as her personality, ranging from Stage Manager and Assistant Musical Director to Assistant Director and even Director, leaving her unique imprint on productions such as Annie Jr, Shrek the Musical Jr, Seussical the Musical Jr, High School Musical, and many more.

Perhaps Lexi's most profound contribution lies in her heartfelt connection with each student and her profound love for the studio. Her nurturing presence and genuine care for the studio's offerings create an environment where every student feels valued, supported, and inspired. Her ability to choreograph not just performances but also the intricate dance of studio operations makes her an invaluable asset to Born to Perform Studio.

Our Team
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