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On June 3rd we are having our dress rehearsal and pictures for all students participating in our Year End Showcase on June 4th! For our Competition Team Members, we would like ALL TEAM MEMBERS REGARDLESS if they are performing or not to be present at 11am for TEAM pics. 

Please arrive 15min prior to your call time! 

Come with your hair and makeup already done. If you are in multiple time blocks, come dressed and made-up for your first block. If you have multiple classes in one time block, please reach out to the studio to see what you should arrive in. 

If you have multiple outfits, please wear undergarments/unders that you can openly make costume changes in. While we have restrooms, we cannot guarantee 100% privacy. Bike shorts, tank tops, etc. The same as you would wear for costume changes in a production. Let us know if you have questions! 


Those of you who performed with us last year at our YEAR END SHOW should have a Lanyard with a Star! Please bring those with you for pictures! We have new stars to give you for another Year End Show performance! If this is your first YES, don't worry! We have a Lanyard for you :)

Please let us know ASAP if you have lost your Lanyard so we can be sure you get one! These are fun ways to show your dedication! We have fun plans for our Lanyards next year!! :)


For anyone wanting to stay for lunch, we will be providing pizza! Pizza's will be ordered at 11:30am.



Mini Youth and Teen Song and Dance 

Youth and Teen Jazz Fusion 

Open MT Dance 



Dance Call 

Vocal Tech 1 and 2

Beg Bway Tap 

Inter/Adv Tap 



ALL Comp Team Members



Lunch Break



Inter/Adv Musical Theatre 

Hip Hop 

Dance Company



Musical Theatre Academy


Yerba Buena 

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